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   Tuesday, October 18, 2005  

Ultimate task!

Welcome back;) Prepare yourself for the ultimate task: a witness statement. You will view a short video (only once) and work in pairs to write a description of the main events and people involved, hypotheses and evidence.
Remember a witness statement describes an incident as it was experienced by someone who was there, whether involved or not, at the time the event happened. It is always in the first person and is normally rather formal in style.

Points to consider

  • Information should be given in chronological order. Events should be linked together with appropriate time words.
  • Evidence can be supported by hypothesis (your own ideas about what must have happened). To join hypothesis and evidence you can use words such as: because, so, therefore, etc. e.g. We found no fingerprints; therefore, the burglars mush have been wearing gloves.

Good luck.

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