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   Sunday, October 23, 2005  

Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Pinto

It was about 6:30 pm, I was shopping in the Continente. I was in the food section with three friends when we noticed a father with his son shopping. The kid had blond hair, was wearing a white t-shirt and was acting strangely to his father. The kid must be around 7. We noticed that the kid was trying to force his father to buy him something but the father didn't let him have what he wanted. So the kid started yelling at him and throwing things all over the place, rolling on the ground screaming and yelling very lould and his father stayed petrified, looking at him. I think this could have been avoided if his father had grabbed him instead of letting him do the things he was doijng. As you can imagine when the kid stopped, there were a lot of products all over the place. It was a mess, a big mess, only when the store manager arrived did the father react to what the kid had done. Too late as you can see.

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