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   Sunday, October 23, 2005  

Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Gaspar

As I was shopping at the supermarket around 10:45 on Thursday morning, I saw a small boy about 4 years old with an adult which supposedly was his father. They stopped next to the candy and the kid started putting the candy inside the shopping cart and the man was putting them back on the shelf. After doing this several times, the kid started to scream that he wanted the candy and began pushing the cart. As if that weren't enough, he started to take things from the shelves and to throw them to the floor. When suddenly he threw himself on the ground and started to kick and scream about nothing. In my opinion, as I think that it is the same opinion of the other people shopping there at the time, I think that it wasn't the first temper tantrum he had, due to the reaction of his father.

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