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   Sunday, October 23, 2005  

Module 4 - Witness Statement. . . by R. Santos

I was shopping at the local supermarket as I usually do every Saturday morning. It must have been about 10:30 because it was shortly after I had arrived and I always check my watch when I go shopping. I was by the vegetables choosing a cabbage when I noticed a young boy that kept putting this bag of sweets in the trolley and the father kept putting it back on the shelf. At least I assume he was the boy's father as they looked alike. At first I found it quite funny but suddenly the obnoxious kid started screaming really loud and taking things from the shelves and throwing them onto the floor. He then threw himself onto the gound and began screaming even louder as he furiously beat his hands and feet on the floor. It was the worse tantrum I have ever seen, bloody kid. Personally, I would have spanked him right there if I could, but I just moved on. It wasn't my kid.

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