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   Tuesday, October 11, 2005  

Module 3 - Who am I?

The person that we will describe is quite known for some years now. She writes books (specially novels) and chronics for a national newspaper. This writer is divorced, but has a boyfriend and two children.
She is blond, has short hair and brown eyes. She is in her early forties, and is not only thin, but also short. She is very intelligent and imaginative.
Besides her job as a writer, she also supports an institution called «Casa do Gil», and makes commercials for Swatch. Most of her books are about romantic stories or collections of chronics. Not a long time ago she was fired from the newspaper she was working for. It happened that she was "stealing" chronics from an English newspaper and made people think it was her who wrote them. But everybody forgot that and she continues writing.
To conclude, we can also say that she is a very nice person. Her books are only known on a national level and they are not the best ones....

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