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   Thursday, October 20, 2005  

Witness Statements

Nuno Pereira & Raúl Gião

Today in the morning when I was in the supermarket buying condoms I saw a little child whining near his father.
The little boy started yelling and after that he started crying because his father didn't let him put a bag of candy in the trolley. After that the boy started grabbing things from the shelves and threw them to the floor and in the corridor there were a few old people, who were staring at him because he was yelling. The boy was running along the corridor destroying the order of the shelves as he passed by them and then he stopped and lied on the floor. When he stood up he went up to the shelves again, grabbed things and threw them to the floor again. That was when I looked at his father and saw his face. I could imagine what he was thinking: that he could not do anything to make the boy stop.

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