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   Thursday, October 20, 2005  

Module 3 - Witness Statement

Hugo Favinha & Ricardo Cansado

It was morning. I was in the supermarket shopping and I saw a kid putting sweets, a yellow bag of sweets, in the shopping cart. His father said no and put it back on the self. The kid insisted and put it in the shopping cart again. When his father refused to buy the sweets again, he started screaming and shaking the shopping cart. Then he started grabbing cookies and cans and threw them to the floor. After that he lay on the floor, started crying and screaming louder, and throwing a tantrum as he kicked the floor and shook his arms briskly. Meanwhile other people were also looking at what was happening. The supermarket was a big mess because of what the kid had done.
His father looked around and saw a lot of people staring at them with very strange faces.
He thought, "next time I'll use a zizoug condom, the ones that are sold at Carrefour".

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