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   Tuesday, October 04, 2005  

Welcome back Module 3 and Module 4.
Your next assignment is to write a paragraph describing a person from history. You will work in pairs or small groups. These paragraphs will be posted on the blog. DO NOT include the name of your subject in the paragraph as students from the other class will try to guess who you are writing about!
Points to consider:
  • Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence which introduces the subject of the paragraph. A variety of linking words should be used to connect ideas.
  • To describe phnysical appearance, details should be given as follows: height/build, age, facial features, hair, clothes, moving from the most general aspects to the more specific details.
  • To describe character and behaviour you can support your description with examples.
  • Variety in the use of adjectives will make your description more interesting.
  • Present tenses can be used to describe someone connected to the present. Past tenses can be used to describe someone related to the past, e.g. someone who is no longer alive, someone whom you won't meet again, etc.

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