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   Tuesday, September 27, 2005  

Your task this week is to write a collaborative story. Each of you will receive a number (1-24) and this will be the order in which you contribute a sentence or two. Keep in mind verb forms in the Past Simple tell a story in chronological order, those in the Past Continuous tell of an action happening in the past, and verb forms in the Past Perfect are used to express an action in the past which happened before another action in the past.

[Note: Notice the use of the Past Perfect and the Past Simple in the following sentences. When I got home, John cooked a meal. (First I got home, then John cooked.) When I got home, John had cooked a meal. (John cooked a meal before I got home).
The English Teachers have provided a starting point, so let's get this show on the road!!!
Have fun.
Marsh met Felix at a party one Saturday night. They fell passionately in love and got married the following Saturday. After the wedding, Felix moved into Marsha's flat. Marsha phoned her parents and told them her news. They were surprised and angry. Unfortunately, after a few months, Felix met another woman and his marriage to Marsha started to go wrong . . .

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