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   Thursday, October 27, 2005  

Meanwhile smooth sailing and fair winds!

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   Wednesday, October 26, 2005  

Modules 3 & 4

October 2005

Another successful journey that has come to an end.

We want to wish you all the best for the future.
We would also like to thank everyone who took part in the process and collaborated with us.
None of this would have been possible without

Outstanding Performance!

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   Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

Today Modules 3 and 4 finally got together for their first f2f* meeting.

Click here to see our photostory.

* face to face

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   Monday, October 24, 2005  

So here is the video. The one you gave witness statements about. Oh Yeah!!!! :)

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   Sunday, October 23, 2005  

Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Gaspar

As I was shopping at the supermarket around 10:45 on Thursday morning, I saw a small boy about 4 years old with an adult which supposedly was his father. They stopped next to the candy and the kid started putting the candy inside the shopping cart and the man was putting them back on the shelf. After doing this several times, the kid started to scream that he wanted the candy and began pushing the cart. As if that weren't enough, he started to take things from the shelves and to throw them to the floor. When suddenly he threw himself on the ground and started to kick and scream about nothing. In my opinion, as I think that it is the same opinion of the other people shopping there at the time, I think that it wasn't the first temper tantrum he had, due to the reaction of his father.

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Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Madeira

As I was doing my daily shopping at Minipreço, I noticed someone screaming very loudly. I was approaching the candy section when suddenly a kid threw himself down on the floor and remained there screaming a lot. People started to watch that scene and the man that was with him, probably his father, just stood there watching without doing anything. If I were his parent, I would smack him in the face! Eventually the kid shut up and they proceeded to the cashiers.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 10:15 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statements . . . by Penas

Yesterday I was shopping at the supermarket when I saw a child screaming at a man. The child was making a serious scandel screaming and throwing things from the shelves. The child might have wanted a box of sweeties because he was shouting, "I want those sweeties," at the man. I think this man was his father because the man was trying to calm down the child. Also, the child was near the man and his shopping cart when this began. Then the child threw himself on the floor and started moving his legs and screaming even louder in the middle of the supermarket. Being shocked with what I was watching, I walked away.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 10:11 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement. . . by R. Santos

I was shopping at the local supermarket as I usually do every Saturday morning. It must have been about 10:30 because it was shortly after I had arrived and I always check my watch when I go shopping. I was by the vegetables choosing a cabbage when I noticed a young boy that kept putting this bag of sweets in the trolley and the father kept putting it back on the shelf. At least I assume he was the boy's father as they looked alike. At first I found it quite funny but suddenly the obnoxious kid started screaming really loud and taking things from the shelves and throwing them onto the floor. He then threw himself onto the gound and began screaming even louder as he furiously beat his hands and feet on the floor. It was the worse tantrum I have ever seen, bloody kid. Personally, I would have spanked him right there if I could, but I just moved on. It wasn't my kid.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:43 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Fernandes

I was in Almada Fourm at Jumbo doing my own shopping on a Thursday morning and there wewre lots of people inside like always. Wehn I saw a child with his dad. I think it was his dad because they were together shopping.
The child was putting sweeties in the shopping cart and his was was putting them back on the shelf and suddenly the child started screaming out loud and he threw himself on the floor. Later he started throwing things on the floor. Immediately everybody just stood looking at the child, even his father didn't stop him. In the end there was a big mess on the floor and I went away from there at once.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:39 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Martins

I was shopping at Jumbo in the afternoon when I saw a man shopping with his son, or at least it looked like it could be his son. The man was in his twenties and he was wearing casual clothes. There were four other people watching what happened. The kid must have wanted a bag of chips and his father didn't give it to him. Right after that the kid started shouting and turning the place upside down, and he threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the shop. Seeing this, I continued my shopping and walked away because that was none of my business.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:36 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Rodrigues

As I was doing my usual shopping, I noticeda a boy and a man, who I think was his father. The boy wanted a pack of chips but his father didn't let him take it. All of a sudden the child started to throw a temper tantrum. The man didn't look very surprised with the whole action. So I thought that something similar had happened before. The child began to throw things off the shelves and at the same time he started to shout, he threw himself on the ground and continued to make a big mess. Perplexed with the situation, I decided to continue my shopping in another aisle.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:31 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Araujo

It was about 19:00 when I entered the candy section of the supermarket. I noticed a small kid grabbing a yellow package of sweets and put it in the shopping cart. The kid was blond, 1 metre high and was about 8. The father, also blond, shoulder-length hair, brown coat and in the late twenties, put the package back on the shelf. All of a suddent the child threw a temper tantrum. he started to throw things from the shelves, screaming and shouting. The father just stood there and didn't do anything. I could tell this wasn't the first time this happened. I felt disgusted with that episode and simple walked away.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:27 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Barreto

I was in the supermarket buying my groceries when I saw a kid taking some sweeties from the shelf and putting them in the cart. As soon as the child's father saw them, he put the sweeties back on the shelf. When he denied the child's second attempt to take the sweeties, the child began to cry, scream and shout and in his rage he began to grab the products and throw them on the ground and finally the child threw himself on the ground and made a big frenzy kicking and screaming and a big scandal in the middle of the supermarket. Obviously, the child was used to getting things when he wanted them. Feeling his will denied, he began to make all that drama.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:21 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . by Pinto

It was about 6:30 pm, I was shopping in the Continente. I was in the food section with three friends when we noticed a father with his son shopping. The kid had blond hair, was wearing a white t-shirt and was acting strangely to his father. The kid must be around 7. We noticed that the kid was trying to force his father to buy him something but the father didn't let him have what he wanted. So the kid started yelling at him and throwing things all over the place, rolling on the ground screaming and yelling very lould and his father stayed petrified, looking at him. I think this could have been avoided if his father had grabbed him instead of letting him do the things he was doijng. As you can imagine when the kid stopped, there were a lot of products all over the place. It was a mess, a big mess, only when the store manager arrived did the father react to what the kid had done. Too late as you can see.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:16 PM ] [ ]


Module 4 - Witness Statement . . . T. Santos

I was in a supermarket, I don't remember the time, when I noticed a small child, blond with a white shirt, with a man, probably his father. They were doing some shopping. Meanwhile, the kid started to gather some candy and put it into the shopping cart. The man picked up the bag of candy and put it back on the shelf. This event occured more than once when all of a sudden the kid started yelling, "I want that candy." Suddenly, he started tossing several items from the shelves in a temper tantrum. Myself and several of the other clients were stunned with what was happening. It ended with the kid laying on the ground. The many had no idea what to do with this situation.

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   Thursday, October 20, 2005  

Module 3 - Witness Statement

Micael Teixeira & Ivo leal

It all happened in a supermarket during the morning while I was passing by a father and his son. Both are blond with green eyes and white skin. First the little boy started putting sweets in the shopping cart. Then his father put them back on the shelf. After trying several times, the boy began to cry and scream, doing a great mess all over the supermarket. Later he lay on the floor kicking and punching. The incident made people stare at them and look petrified.
In conclusion, a big mess happened because of the child, and the only thing that his father did was simply watching what the whinny, spoilt kid was doing.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 10:51 PM ] [ ]


Module 3 - Witness Statement

Pedro Almeida & Dino Mendes

The child was in the supermarket with his father. The little boy picked up some sweets and put that in the shopping cart, but his father didn't want to take the sweets and put it back on the shelf, so the kid began to make too much noise and to kick all that was around him. He threw away meat from the fridges and some customers looked at the possessed boy. Finally the father was thinking why he hadn't used condoms.

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Module 3 - Witness Statements

Inês Martins & Rodolfo Castro

The scene happened in the morning. It was about 10.00 p.m. I was in the supermarket as well as some other people.
A man was shopping with his son when suddenly the child started to take some sweets from the shelves and put them in the shopping trolley, but the man put it back on the shelf. They did that a couple of times.
The little child started screaming, throwing things to the ground and making a huge scene. Everybody was looking at them. The child was screaming too loud, although he had an angel face. He was making a mess. He was very rebel. The father was in his thirties and was Caucasian like his son, but the kid was blond and the man had black hair. In that scene the child threw himself to the ground and was moving his arms quickly and briskly, and also kicking the air and his father seemed very calm.
To conclude, the supermarket was in a mess. The people that were present were all shocked and scared.

   [ posted by EnglishTeacher @ 9:55 PM ] [ ]


Witness Statements

Nuno Pereira & Raúl Gião

Today in the morning when I was in the supermarket buying condoms I saw a little child whining near his father.
The little boy started yelling and after that he started crying because his father didn't let him put a bag of candy in the trolley. After that the boy started grabbing things from the shelves and threw them to the floor and in the corridor there were a few old people, who were staring at him because he was yelling. The boy was running along the corridor destroying the order of the shelves as he passed by them and then he stopped and lied on the floor. When he stood up he went up to the shelves again, grabbed things and threw them to the floor again. That was when I looked at his father and saw his face. I could imagine what he was thinking: that he could not do anything to make the boy stop.

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Module 3 - Witness Statement

Hugo Favinha & Ricardo Cansado

It was morning. I was in the supermarket shopping and I saw a kid putting sweets, a yellow bag of sweets, in the shopping cart. His father said no and put it back on the self. The kid insisted and put it in the shopping cart again. When his father refused to buy the sweets again, he started screaming and shaking the shopping cart. Then he started grabbing cookies and cans and threw them to the floor. After that he lay on the floor, started crying and screaming louder, and throwing a tantrum as he kicked the floor and shook his arms briskly. Meanwhile other people were also looking at what was happening. The supermarket was a big mess because of what the kid had done.
His father looked around and saw a lot of people staring at them with very strange faces.
He thought, "next time I'll use a zizoug condom, the ones that are sold at Carrefour".

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   Wednesday, October 19, 2005  

This is how militar people change a light bulb hehehe

It's all Team WOrk.. !!

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